Monday, August 16, 2010

...otherwise I probably would have poisoned myself by now

I know you think your mom is crazy, but she's not. And mine is.

Take, as an example (and mind that this is just one example), the barrage of post-it notes that accosted me last Saturday morning, when the parents had left me to fend for myself while they spent the weekend at the cottage:

On the blueberries in the fridge

On the raspberries in the fridge

On the strawberries in the fridge

On the drawer in the bottom of the fridge, because sometimes the difficulty of oranges can be intimidating... or maybe because the bananas might be looking for a date...

On the bathroom counter, lest I forget to turn the fan on while I shower and cause moisture damage to the paint.

The Care and Feeding of a Loaf of Bread

On a paper bag containing peaches, so that I don't have to open mysterious parcels in order to find out what's inside, just in case its anthrax. (There was also one on the vegetable soup container that said "VEG SOUP"... but I think you get the point.)

On a rectangular foil-wrapped item that MIGHT be brownies - I haven't opened it yet; too risky.

But you know what didn't make it on to a post-it note? "If you use more than a teaspoon of detergent in the dishwasher the ENTIRE KITCHEN FLOOR WILL BE COVERED WITH WATER IN 2 MINUTES."

So, yeah. That might have been post-it worthy, Mom.


  1. Hey, you wrote a comment on my blog a long time ago and I rudely didn't respond. Sorry! That sounds awful, the way you were treated there..I guess people and teenagers are jerkwads the world over. I just read a few of your entries and really enjoyed them, so I will be subscribing...that other blog died quickly, but I have another one that I'm working on and hope to keep up with for a long (though you probably could have just clicked on my name). Look forward to reading your entries!


  2. risa, this made me laugh out loud while i was reading it. it made me look crazy.

    Also: just wait till you get the 'cottage instructions' sheet. it's epic.