Monday, July 19, 2010

The Dog Ate My Homework And I Had to Wash My Hair

When I started this blog, I did it with the disclaimer that all expectations should be discarded. It was not going to be full of high adventure, exotic wildlife, or unique cultural insights.  It's not that I don't experience those things, I just didn't feel like having a blog where it would seem inappropriate to ruminate about tell-tale spit puddles, make snarky remarks about strangers, and reveal the details of my nasal fluids. I didn't want "that kind of blog." Now that I actually read quite a few other blogs, I have also discovered a few more kinds that mine is "not." I'm not going to hash out all of my emotional issues, or tell you that yesterday I did my laundry and ate noodles (although I might tell you about the blatant nose-picker I saw on the subway, but that's different). This just isn't that kind of blog either.

It has been about six weeks now since my last post. Okay, I've been slacking. I've been busy, uninspired, and distracted.

I could explain the "busy" part, and say that I was in Thailand again for two weeks. But that comes a little too close to an "Adventure/Travel" blog.

I could also explain that Michael was visiting for a week, and "Want to watch me type?" didn't really sound like an entertaining prospect to offer a guest. But that brings the blog a little too close to the "Yesterday I Had Oatmeal For Breakfast" variety.

I could also delve in to my mental preoccupation with the fact that I will be moving back to Canada very soon after four years in Asia, that the exciting part of my life may be over forever, that I'm not sure I can handle the workload and responsibility of grad school after living The Easy Life all this time and am genuinely afraid I'll be kicked out, that most of my friends in Canada have spouses or babies or serious jobs or lifestyles drastically different than my own and that I won't be able to relate to anyone anymore, that I'll have more wrinkles than everyone else, that I'm committing to a career that I don't think I'll ever be especially excited about or personally involved in mostly because I don't really have enough faith in myself to dive in to a riskier path, and that I'll be committed to at least two years in Toronto, without the time or money to travel (which I realize is the norm for most people, but it isn't for me) and by the time that two year minimum is over I'll be too old for it to matter anyways. But that would all definitely bring the blog way too close to the Therapeutic / Cathartic / Teenage Angst  genre. And, well, when it comes to emotional expression, I'm a bit of a bottler. (Or at the very least a "let it all out on One Person-er"... thanks/sorry, One Person...)

Now that we're all clear about all of the things I'm not going to say,  what exactly am I going to say?

Not much.

The only funny thing I can think of is that my new teaching assistant's name is Milky. I also have a first grade student named Gogo, who I might have advised to change his English name before it becomes too entrenched, in order to avoid the adult fate faced by such people as Skeletor, Minus, and Sorry, except that Gogo is a little jackass anyways. So whatever.

Laugh at that a bit and accept this non-explanation for my absence, so that we can move on to a real post about important issues such as nude pantyhose socklets (PHOTO EVIDENCE TO COME), the death of The Fart Joke, and maybe even that toilet series I promised way back when.

Don't worry. I'm sure that I'll be far more conscientious about blogging once I start my Master's and have actual important  things to avoid.

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  1. um, i know you may not be interested, but i went through the exact same thing when i came home a few years ago. so you know i can share those thoughts with you n stuff.