Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Can this really be?

Don't get excited there, Mom, this isn't a real post. It's more of an Addendum to the last post. (Yeah, that's right - I said Addendum.)

There is another ridiculously awful fashion trend running rampant here that must be addressed. I am trying to ascertain how far afield this thing goes in order to determine whether this is a genuine trend that I need to deal with, or a localized phenomenon that I can chalk up to an element of Chinese exoticism that I will never fully understand (such as grown women wearing sequined Mickey Mouse t-shirts, or young heterosexual men wearing their rust-coloured hair in a poofed up Bea Arthur bouffant). I can't imagine anyone back home going out in public like this, but in a world where the skort and diaper pant are back in style, I'm a bit out of my element. I just don't know anymore.

So tell me, Western World: Are people in your hemisphere wearing short shorts with sheer black panty hose and pumps?

Is this something I need to worry about now?


  1. Everybody needs something to worry about now so go for it!
    (I don't see a lot of this wardrobe preference up here in 'parents-land' but downtown ...?)

  2. Its only a problem at the cottage

  3. Yah, we see a lot of 'out there' fashion statements on Oxtongue Lake.

  4. I've seen many, many hairstyles like that, but I don't know if Vancouver is true representation of the "Western World" or just an extension to where you're living ...

  5. unfortunately, risa, the shorts/pantyhose trend is a real thing. As are onesies. Plus, i recently saw my grade 8 grad outfit at an H&M.